Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Peaked Out? Our Energy Challenge

Thanks to all the groups that made this event such a success.

We had the Mountain Ministry Team, Green Venture, Hamilton Community Gardens (West Highland Baptist Church), Meadowlands Fellowship Geo Thermal church, Recycle Cycles, City of Hamilton Alternative Transportation, plus Union Gas kits to hand out and also Natural Life Magazines courtesy of the editor Wendy Priesnitz.
An estimated 100 people came out and enjoyed free coffee and donuts,while milling around the display tables and learning about ways to make their life styles more sustainable.
At 7pm, Richard Reble screened the film A Crude Awakening and after that, people came out to circulate the tables and pick up information once more before closing time at 9pm.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Braden again

No furnace? No problem
Energy-efficient house full of smart ideas by Peter Gorrie

Check out the Spectator today - full front page of the GO Weekend section is on Dave and Cathy Braden's new energy efficient home, plus a quarter page carryover.

Friday, April 25, 2008

E.U. plows ahead with coal (GRIST)

Coal plant.
Even as it makes plans to cut greenhouse-gas emissions, the European Union is gearing up to put some 50 coal plants on line in the next five years. Europeans' distaste for nuclear energy and the relative cheap cost of coal -- even when carbon permits are factored in -- have made the black rock attractive for meeting rising demand. E.U. electric companies say they're seeking out "clean" coal, an oxymoron that is unlikely to be feasible anytime soon. Any way you slice it, a slew of new coal plants means another five decades of dirty electricity in the E.U., which environmentalists say is pretty much a death sentence for the climate as we know it. Says ubiquitous NASA climate scientist James Hansen, "Given our knowledge about what needs to be done to stabilize climate, this plan is like barging into a war without having a plan for how it should be conducted, even though information is available."
source: The New York Times

Monday, April 21, 2008

Braden tours on May 3rd - Doors Open Hamilton

Off the Grid House Tour

Address & Contact Info:
1820 Valens Road, near Regional Road 97, Flamborough
(905) 659-1040
Year Built: 2005-2008
Dates & Hours Open:
Saturday ONLY: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

From the outside the Braden family home resembles an 1880 log cottage. Inside it is a model for living off the grid
without reliance on traditional energy sources. Green features include solar panels, windmill, tankless hot water
heater, Energy Star appliances and efficient windows.
We have had 3 very successful tours (these are photos from the latest April 13th tour). Don't miss this opportunity because spots fill up fast!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

DOC Nights at Meadowlands Fellowship Church

DOC NIGHTS presents the documentary "Crapshoot".

A hazardous mix of waste is flushed into the sewer every day. The billions of litres of water-combined with unknown quantities of chemicals, solvents, heavy metals, human waste and food-where does it all go?
Filmed in Italy, India, Sweden, the United States and Canada, this bold documentary questions whether the sewer is actually compounding our waste problems. While scientists warn of links between sewage practices and potential health risks, activists, engineers and concerned citizens challenge our fundamental attitudes to waste. Does our need to dispose of waste take precedence over public safety? What are the alternatives?

April 25 at 7:30. Meadowlands Fellowship Church, 211 Stonehenge Dr, Ancaster, free/pay as you can. Questions: Denise 304-1912 or

Peaked Out? Our Energy Challenge

Tuesday Apr 29 2008


6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
This is a free event to raise awareness around sustainable,renewable energy for the future. Local environmental groups and eco- teams from faith groups will be in attendance to share their resources/ideas with you. We will be screening the film A Crude Awakening; the oil crash. Free energy saving kits, and Natural Life Magazines while supplies last.

Location: Holy Trinity Anglican Church, , 120 Fennell St East Hamilton,

Sponsor: Environment Hamilton and Mountain Ministry Team

Contact Info: Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko 905 627 2696

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Waste Management Tours for Faith Groups

This tour has been canceled due to lack of numbers. Stay tuned for an update.

Concerned about waste reduction? Want to learn more about where your garbage ends up then share the information with members of your congregation?

Waste Management Facilities Tour

Environment Hamilton has made two free tours available for members of your faith group.
2 HRS buses leave Fortinos on the corner of Rymal and Centennial at 8:15am on April 25th. One bus is going to the landfill, the other is going to the compost and recycling depots.

People will be returned at Fortinos (and they make their own way home).

There are 33 spots available for each bus tour. Since this is open invitation to faith groups, we are obliged to restrict the number from each to 4 maximum.

This is an opportunity for representatives of the faith groups to take photos, ask questions and perhaps, create a presentation to share with the rest of the congregation. It could be an idea project for youth members as well!
Since this is a first come first served situation, please have your representatives register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Contact me at 905 549 0900 or email

Beatrice Ekwa EKoko
Project Manager

Look, WHO's Talking

World Health Organization says climate change bad for world health

Officials at the World Health Organization used the occasion of World Health Day today to stress climate change's negative impacts on human health, warning that warming temperatures are already affecting the spread of disease. Increased temperatures have slowly expanded the range of malaria-carrying mosquitoes into new areas, including South Korea and the highlands of Papua New Guinea and Rwanda, and increased flooding of communities with poor sanitation has increased cases of cholera by mixing drinking water with sewage, among other effects. "The core concern is succinctly stated: climate change endangers human health," said WHO Director-General Margaret Chan. "The warming of the planet will be gradual, but the effects of extreme weather events -- more storms, floods, droughts and heat waves -- will be abrupt and acutely felt. Both trends can affect some of the most fundamental determinants of health: air, water, food, shelter, and freedom from disease."

Daily Grist (April 07)