Sunday, January 18, 2009

local warming

Dave Braden gives a tour organized by E.H. of his off-the-grid house in Flamborough, Ontario on a snowy Sunday.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

KNA Pedestrian / Cycling issues committee

January 12th 2009

Another very mobilizing, well attended meeting.

The KNA Pedestrian/Cycling Issues Committee were joined by Councilor Brian McHattie, Lorissa Skrypniak from the city's traffic planning department, Daryl Bender, who is the city's alternative transportation co-ordinator, as well as Lynda Lukasik from Environment Hamilton.

The focus of the meeting? Hearing and learning from these individuals about Traffic Management Plan reviews, Public Information Centres (PIC), City Hall, and what we need to know to influence public process and effectively participate in the democratic process in Hamilton.

Lynda was very helpful in referring folks to the regional Official Plan (OP). This document is one "that we need to be waving about," as Lynda puts it. It is being revised but it clearly outlines a vision towards a sustainable region that we need to be pushing.

McHattie made a very exciting suggest- 10% of the budget that funds consultants (for city transportation management plans) ought to be handed over to an NGO in the neighbourhood undertaking management plans and reviews. Grassroots folk have a different perspective than engineers will have since they walk the streets.

We have to let the consultants know that we want a face to face meeting at the next Public Information Centre (PIC).

In the case of the highly dangerous and highly debated intersection at Dundurn and Main St, the group has decided to talk to the local MPP to get the province involved.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little piece about the jingle bell walk

Jingle Bells Promote Walking To School At St. Josephs
Ken Mann

Students at a catholic elementary school in Hamilton literally had their bells on.

Over 500 strong, the youngsters at St. Joseph's elementary have walked with bells on their feet, as part of an event to support both physical activity and pedestrian safety.

Principal Flora Nordoff says they are one of many schools which have a problem with traffic congestion, in part because of the number of parents who drive their children to school in the morning. The school also brings students into the area by bus for its French immersion program.

Nordoff hopes that the Jingle Bell Walk, combined with other planned activities, will encourage students to make walking part of their daily routine.