Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go Google!

I Wonder How to Wander
Google Maps adds walking directions

Taking another step toward complete indispensability, Google Maps on Tuesday became the first service of its kind to add walking directions. In addition to searches for car and transit travel, pedestrians -- and, hell, Segway-ers too -- can now find the most direct and flat route from Point A to Point B. The function works for trips up to 6.2 miles long, and recognizes that one-way streets only apply to the car-encased (suckas!). Searchers are advised to "use caution when walking in unfamiliar areas" as the directions, still in beta form, potentially lack information about pedestrian bridges, roads without sidewalks, or impassable intersections -- but they'll only improve from here. Now if Google would just add biking directions, we'd be set.

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source: Google Lat Long Blog
straight to the walkin': Google Maps
see also, in Grist: An interview with Google's green energy czar

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dave And Cathy Super Energy Efficient House Tours

Very short notice but there are 2 house tours coming up;

TUESDAY July 22nd at 7pm
and SUNDAY 27th July at 2pm

If you are interested in attending email or call me ASAP for details.
Beatrice Ekwa EKoko
Project Manager
905 549 0900
905 627 2696

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Climate Change Projects

EH continues to expand on it's project delivery with these two latest; the Climate Change Champions project in partnership with Green Venture and the Shrinking Kirkendall's Footprint soon to be renamed as Kirkendall Walks.
Julia Kollek will be managing the Climate Change Champions for EH. Please see our website for details environmenthamilton

I'll be co-managing the Kirkendall Walks with co-worker Jarah West.

Kirkendall Walks is a project focusing on reducing vehicle use permanently in the Kirkendall neighbourhood. We will be doing walkability assessments,street events, neighbourhood walking tours, challenge, promoting the vehicle log ( to log vehicle use), and featuring a website that shows local amenities in the neighbourhood.

A 'CD' challenge (Circle Destination based on a the radius of a music cd) will have users committing to walking/cycling/using transit to get to destinations within 2km of their home address rather than driving there.

We have the support and help of Public Health and other City of Hamilton officials as well as a great number of volunteers and groups.
The project is funded by EcoAction.

If you are interested in joining us please contact me

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the upcoming days.