Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Climate Canvass Update

Climate Change canvass at the Cactus festival was a success, I’m happy to report- and we have Joanna Chapman to thank for the opportunity. We put up a table outside her store front (Chapman Books) in Dundas and we were able to award pledges by moving over one hundred energy saving Union gas kits.

Had a few interesting conversations with people (that will be more details in a later ‘canvass results).

People said they were doing many of the pledges in the brochure; others said they wished there were pledges like ‘get a rain barrel’ or don’t use pesticides. Two people who cycle said they would like to see Hamilton go with 2 way roads (Are you listening City Council?!)

Someone thought that clothes washed in cold water are unhygienic and dirty!

Perhaps the toughest most difficult obstacle to climate action remains the automobile. There is nothing more challenging- frankly that’s were people stumble the most. “Too hard” “I need to get to work” “I feel safe in the car” “The streets are ugly to walk along”- Again Council listen up! People need incentives to get out of their cars. They want beautiful streets.

More later!


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