Friday, September 21, 2007

Revenue Canada Event 19th September

What a response! The line up was extensive -people were falling over one another to make their pledges and get a free energy saving kits. We gave away a total of 428 kits and there's a waiting list of 40 people wanting more.
Interesting comments- some people said they would like to see better intercity bus system, a better local bus system, more car pooling opportunities, and bike lanes. One or two people said they would like to be able to work at home.
Many people said they lived too far to take a bus; others felt there was no way they'd take a bus because they have to take their kids to school/work etc. Some said they couldn't car pool because they all work different hours!

Thanks to Don, Brenda and Jarah for giving me a huge hand. And of course Mary from Revenue Canada and Lisa too. Thanks to Karen Grover for getting this going and hopefully we'll find ways to keep this partnership going.

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