Wednesday, October 17, 2007

EH's first workshop

Environment Hamilton's climate change project partnered with Green Venture to deliver the first of our workshops- a practical response to climate change (see below for list of workshops).
Matt Xagoraris hosted the workshop- Energy Saving in the Home at his Melrose Breakfast October 13th.
It was pretty well attended. Most people heard about it through the church proper- the demographics were mostly seniors.
Matt reported that he would have liked a more in depth approach-( screwing in energy efficient light bulbs is all very well but not nearly enough).
He looks forward to the next session being more about using renewable energies and general renovations we can make to the home November 10th
(one of workshops with Dave Braden goings into depth about living off grid etc)

Perhaps there is truth to the notion that we ought to ask people to do more instead of less.

That's what people like at the Step it Up - 1 Sky organization in the US are finding out as they try to establish a climate change movement comparable to the Civil Rights movement. ( To read this article see The Nation October 22, 2007
Any body out there ready to 'march for the climate?'

EH workshops

To December 2007

Energy Conservation in the home

Power Shift Community Presentation: Energy Conservation provides

a general overview of energy saving retrofits for the home/business

owner and/or apartment dweller. Information is divided into

categories which include: lighting, heating and cooling, windows and

drafts, and hot water. Presentations can be tailored to specific

circumstances or areas of interest (i.e.: Electrical, Gas, or Oil

heating, etc.). Through demonstration items, we encourage audience

members to participate at a hands-on level.


Green Venture Energy Coordinator to discuss the conservation,

retrofits & government incentives

Greening your Home One Room at a Time

Take a virtual walk through Green Venture's EcoHouse and find

out how taking simple steps can lighten the ecological foot print of

your living space. Through a power point presentation, one of Green

Venture’s EcoHouse coordinators will demonstrate ways you can

usewater wisely, conserve energy, garden naturally, and reduce

waste in the home or apartment.

Leader: Eco House, Green Venture Co-ordinator

Living Off the Grid

Leader: Former Councillor Dave Braden will lead hands-on

workshops at his home.

Really want to reduce your ecological footprint?

Reduce your car dependency

'Commuting Challenge' (CD) game; this involves using a city map to

locate your home and dropping a CD over the spot. The radius of

the CD represents 2km.

Challenge yourself to walk or cycle within this radial distance.

Cycling in the city: safety tips

and bike routes

Transit in the city: More buses more often

Getting around by bus; Bus pass, tickets

an fare guides, free route maps and

schedules, information on new routes

(Bee-line, Bayfront Shuttle), safety tips

while riding the bus, trans-cab services.

Also included: Letter writing station to

write to elected representatives for more

buses more often.

Leader: Don McLean–Environment Hamilton

Randy Kay–Transportation for Liveable Communities

Make Your Own Rain Barrel

Come and learn how to make your own rain barrel

and bring home your masterpiece to put to the test.

Discuss other sustainable uses for water on your


Leader: Sean Burak

cost: cover costs of materials ($50)

location-Sean's residence

How to eat locally all year round:

planting and eating from your garden, how to properly store/freeze

summer yield to eat all year round, recipes for seasonal cooking, the

'100mile' diet. Free eat local map.

Leader: Sarah Megens,

(Environment Hamilton Eat Local project manager)

Power Shift Expert Panel Presentation: Renewable Energy Now

In panel format, representatives from the local renewable energy

sector provide practical information on innovative technologies,

products, processes, and services related to wind, solar and

geothermal energy. Because we tailor each presentation to the

individual audience, speakers can focus on urban or rural

residential, commercial, or industrial applications (e.g.: Solar hot

water heating for urban multi-use building, geothermal applications

for residential home in the rural environment, and investment

opportunities around Wind energy, to name a few). Regional case

studies and energy champions are integrated into each presentation

making the information relevant and tangible to the viewer.


Local Hamilton resident or business owner who has invested in

renewable technology (Case Study)

Green Venture Energy Advisor

Representative from the Renewable Energy Sector to discuss

innovative products and/or services

Pesticide free lawns

Green Venture’s Naturally Hamilton project is visiting community

groups across the Hamilton area conducting free seminars on

healthy safe pesticide-free lawn and garden maintenance. More

specifically, learn the difference between organic and petroleum

based fertilizers and pesticides. Information on the following topics

will also be available: healthy lawns, questions to ask lawn care

companies, alternative and native landscapes, dealing with weeds or

insects, and more.

Leader: Green Venture Energy Advisor

In touch with Nature

You have to know and love what you're fighting for! Get in touch

with nature with Dieter Staudinger, Dundas-based spiritual


Dieter will take the group on a hike where they will get reacquainted

with wild life and plant life.


Climate Change and Social Justice

(Details to follow)

Leader: Crystle Numan

Film Screenings:

An Inconvenient Truth will continue to be screened on request.

A Crude Awakening is available for screening with a following

discussion on peak oil with Richard Reble, retired teacher and EH

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