Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Girl Guides Rock!

What a great group of girls I had the privilege of talking with yesterday night! These girl guides all knew about global warming and climate change; they knew why it was happening and they also were able to tell me all the different ways they and their families are reducing green house gases and fighting pollution.

Some of the ways the girls mentioned included walking more, bringing cloth bags to the grocery store, composting and so on. They were reflective about what climate change is doing to species such as the polar bear (it was weird because when I asked the girl who was telling me how polar bears will drown as the ice melts I asked her how she felt about that and she drew a blank- at a lose of words. Able to recite the facts, the question of feeling seemed to throw her off).

I only had a half hour so we weren't able to all that I planned but we had fun, I gave out 24 energy saving kits or so for their families and they gave me 2 boxes of chocolate mint girl guide cookies! Yum. Now if only they could get rid of the trans fats in them.

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