Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kirkendall Walks Locke Street

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We had a great turn out at the Locke st festival despite the initial setback of rain. Once the sun came out, so did the people. We must have had 10 people sign up for the to do the vehicle log giving away pedometers to those who committed to log their vehicle use for a month.
15 people sign up to be on the Kirkendall Walks list and another 100 or more people stop and take information from our tent. Thanks to the very nice librarian at the Locke st library who photocopied 50 copies of our flyer when I ran out of them all for free.
We had around 14 comments added to our board on what needs to be done to improve walkability and bikeability in Kirkendall.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this day a sucess.

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