Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jingle Bell Walk at St Joesph's Catholic School

St. Joseph’s kids take Jingle Bell walk – encouraged to walk to school despite the short days and cold weather

St. Joseph’s Elementary School, 270 Locke St. South, took part in a Jingle Bell Walk on Dec. 16th.
Despite the short days and cold temperatures, children are encouraged to make walking part of their daily school routine.

Each of the 515 students at St. Joseph’s was sent home with a set of bells to attach to their boots or sneakers. The entire school took a group Jingle Bell Walk around the school property.

This was a festive way of expressing the commitment St. Joseph Elementary has made to the Active and Safe Routes to School program. The Jingle Bell Walk was a friendly reminder to parents and students that physical activity, pedestrian safety, traffic congestion, air quality and community spirit all benefit from walking to school.

Although social and health benefits are the primary motives for this project, school Principal Flora Nordoff notes traffic congestion is a serious problem around the school in the morning. Buses, bringing French Immersion students from out of catchment, are competing with parents who drive their children for convenience. The morning traffic jam is unsafe and unpleasant for young students walking.
The walk was mentioned on CHML and the Spectator has contacted us about it.
Thanks to Public Health, Sharon Mckinnon and parent Rebekah Jackson who helped with getting this going.

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My son attends St. Joe's and still wears his bell!!!